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Thank You for Your Support
Together We Can Shape the Future.

Dear Sponsor,
Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of the Entrepreneurship Leadership and Innovation (ELI) Foundation’s annual Strategy and Business Plan Competition for undergraduate students of Nigerian Universities.

ELI Foundation has a mission to foster the spirit of innovation among Nigerian youths, develop leadership skills necessary for the next generation of business leaders and encourage entrepreneurial endeavor through the creation of opportunities for the propagation of business ideas.

In fulfillment of its mission, the Foundation has created the ELI Strategy and Business Plan Competition aimed at helping students of Nigerian Universities become innovators and entrepreneurs, discover the next set of great managerial talent and nurture the creation of a new class of professional Nigerian entrepreneurs.

 As an ELI Foundation partner, you will have the opportunity to meet and network with more than 100 of the best and brightest entrepreneurial students from Nigerian Universities. Supporting the ELI Foundation Strategy and Business Plan Competition is a rewarding opportunity that directly connects you or your business with the most talented Nigerian students, who will become successful entrepreneurs, business leaders and valued employees of tomorrow.

The annual ELI Strategy and Business Plan Competition is designed to provide undergraduate students a real-world experience that includes conceiving a business idea, writing a business plan, and presenting those plans to a panel of judges. We invite you and your businesses to participate with a view to identifying potential candidates for employment or discovering the next big business idea.

 As a sponsor, you will have access to student resumes and the opportunity to interview students for internship and permanent, full-time employment opportunities. You will listen to fresh, original business ideas which can unlock the door to new business frontiers for you or your business. You will also experience first-hand the wonderful accomplishments that these students have made during their academic career and hear their personal stories.

 Sponsorship is a major part of our success. We work closely with our sponsors, who provide support and extend give us the ability to help the students nurture and actualize their dreams. The generosity of our sponsors enables ELI Foundation to continue to inspire students to come up with creative, innovative and profitable business ideas. The following pages will provide you with more information about how you can support the ELI Foundation Strategy and Business Plan Competition.

As ELI Foundation embarks on its third annual Strategy and Business Plan Competition, your support will enable us to create legacy of nurturing the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs and business leaders. We are extremely proud to support our students and welcome and value your partnership.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Strategy and Business Plan Competition. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.